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Landqart is the highly innovative Swiss manufacturer of banknote substrates and passport & visa paper which balances the traditional Swiss values of quality, security and reliability with innovation.  In 2011, the factory underwent a major upgrade to it’s security offering capability.  Now Landqart AG houses two high security cylinder mould paper machines with a combined annual capacity of up to 10,000 tonnes.  The factory expansion is coupled with an increase in global sales and marketing efforts as Landqart AG moves from being a small, high quality paper mill supplying the Swiss National Bank and an approved ECB (European Central Bank) supplier to being a major competitor on the global stage with a wide portfolio of security substrates and technologies.

Landqart AG has been able to undergo this rapid expansion without losing sight of their existing central bank and high security printer customers.  Strong cooperation between research and development, sales and customer continue to be key ingredients to past, present and future success.

Durasafe®, the paper-polymer-paper composite banknote substrate, is just one example of the company’s focus on innovation driven security.   Also included in Landqart’s patented security product portfolio is Irisafe® Micro and Digisafe®. Our high-quality products meet the most exacting standards and contri- bute to our good reputation and high customer satisfaction.

Research & Development

Innovative products originating from extensive research and development projects are the basis for a successful future. Landqart AG has highly qualified staff and modern laboratory facilities. Our creative innovations and patented security solutions enjoy high acceptance among our customers and are in use throughout the world.


Landqart AG meets the highest security standards and these form the main basis of trust for our customers. In addition to satisfying the rigorous requirements of the Swiss National Bank, Landqart AG is qualified by the European Central Bank for the production of euro banknote paper. Landqart AG also holds the quality management system ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates. In addition to that Landqart holds the certification with the envi- ronmental management system ISO 14001.


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