Drugs and explosives have always been a problem for law enforcement. A whole industry is working on developing the best tools to make the lives of law enforcement officers easier and help them save lives. Our portfolio consists of worldwide leaders in production of specialized equipment for detection of drugs and explosives. This type of the equipment and methods can be widely used by security agencies, border control, detention and correctional facilities and industry sector.

Our partners in drugs and explosives detection

Logo Mistra Group

The Mistral  is israeli company headquartered in the US and dealing in production and sales of military, police, and security equipment. Mistral is designing, manufacturing, and selling state-of-the-art solutions directly to end users and providing project management and marketing support to the distributors of such equipment.


Logo Morpho

Morpho company is focused on explosives and narcotics detection and their products have application on all locations and facilities requiring high security standards, including but not limited to: airports and seaports, customs/border interdiction, military facilities, embassies and consular offices, government buildings, nuclear plants, petrochemical facilities, public utilities, prisons, high-security events.