About company

3DX-RAY Ltd is a global market and technology leader in line-scan x-ray imaging systems for the security and industrial inspection markets.

Our security systems combine high image quality with ease of use and competitive pricing. Portable, mobile and fixed systems are offered to meet a wide range of security x-ray inspection needs.

Our industrial systems help to ensure the integrity, quality and safety of products. We offer stand-alone units for batch and pilot plant processing and laboratory testing, and in-line systems which can be integrated into the production line to offer 100% inspection capability at full production line speeds.

Established in 1996, 3DX-RAY Ltd has supplied systems worldwide directly and through partners, agents and distributors.

3DX-RAY Ltd maintains a quality management system which has been certified to fulfil the requirements of IS0 9001:2008 standard.

3DX-RAY Ltd is registered in England (no. 3237543) and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Image Scan Holdings plc.


FlatScan-TPXi™ and FlatScan-15  offer real-time digital x-ray screening with superb image quality and image processing tools.  The operator can use this high quality image information to make decisions quickly and accurately.

Designed for rapid deployment and ease of use.

FlatScan systems have been ergonomically and functionally designed to meet the needs of the field operative.

  • Lightweight, compact and robust
  • Fast set-up  for minimum time on target
  • Immediate and direct high resolution digital  images
  • Simple to use, intuitive software
  • Powerful image enhancement and analysis tools
  • Wireless option as standard (radio, wired and fibre optic cable options)
  • Real-time remote-from-site viewing for back-up

Ideal for use in security, military, police and customs applications

  • Suspect bag and package inspection
  • EOD evaluation
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Customs searches including petrol tanks, airbags, wheels and dashboards
  • Counter surveillance sweeps and through-wall scanning

SVXi vehicle scanner

SVXi is a rapid deployment mobile vehicle x-ray inspection system suitable for vehicles up to the size of a small van.

  • Typical set up time 15 minutes
  • Typical scan time one (1) minute
  • Real-time image on laptop screen
  • Sub-millimetre image resolution
  • Simple to use image processing

Mobile system for flexible deployment 

Sub-millimetre resolution

Designed to meet the needs of security and customs personnel SVXi produces sub-millimetre resolution images of the vehicle in a single pass.

The operator is able to control the scan and view the images from a remote laptop workstation. Sophisticated easy to use software allows the operator to zoom, pan and process the image to be able to make a rapid and accurate assessment of any potential risk.

Mobile unit for flexible deployment

The SVXi can be mounted on a wide range of transportation from sophisticated multi-terrain vehicles to low-cost motorised trailers. Once at it’s destination it can be rapidly set up and operational. SVXi can be deployed at key locations as required to combat smuggling and terrorism or it can be deployed for spot checks across an entire region.

Fixed unit configuration also available.

SVXi for event security

SVXi is also suitable for event and venue security enabling security personnel to see what is being brought into and taken off site without the need to hand search vehicles.

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