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PAPILLON ZAO known Russian IT company and manufacturer of high-tech solutions for the needs of law enforcement agencies, solutions for government departments and other business solutions. Priority in the operations of this company are biometric solutions for identification based on fingerprints or palm. Some of these systems are applied in forensics.

Its long cooperation with the police in Russia and other countries has led to the creation of unique solutions and gaining invaluable experience in this field. As a result, the company PAPILLON ZAO now have a unique solution architecture and design of robust biometric system.

Over the years, the goal was expansion of small systems which led to the creation of a national register of fingerprints a ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Today, it covers the whole Russia and has several million fingerprints.

Papillon’s sales area now has 22 countries and the number is constantly increasing.

Papillon systems are fully compatible with all current international standards in the field of exchange, identification and verification based on fingerprints.

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Software that allows users to process photos, conducting comparisons and the preparation and printing of the report. Forensic scientists can improve the quality of dirty evidence, footprints that overlap or other latent prints using a range of tools that are available in RASTR-in. 


  •    The organization of specialized, protected database where the images are stored, documents and reports.
  •    The acquisition of images from different sources.
  •    Non destructive method of transformation and processing digital photos, with the ability to record every      step of the process. History of steps is stored in the database.
  •    Create a document which shows images before and after treatment, for comparison.
  •    Print photos and documents as evidence in court.


FOSKO is a compact device that is a great choice for teams who are investigating the scene. Designed as a combination of a digital camera and a block as the source of different types of lights. For photography with all types of physical evidence, including fingerprints and palm prints who are challenged to lift objects or tape lifting prints, three-dimensional models or tools.


  •    Lightweight and compact device without the need for external power
  •    Easy to use – no photographic knowledge is needed to use the device
  •    High-quality photos without the influence of ambient light
  •    Four types of illumination
  •    Compact transparent platform for shooting of transmitted light
  •    Possibility of photographing latent prints that are hard to acquire with other techniques.

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