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Forensic Technology pioneered automated ballistic identification and analysis over 20 years ago and

continues to be a leader in forensic ballistic and firearm identification technologies. 

In 2011, Forensic Technology acquired Projectina AG, a world leader in the development and

manufacture of forensic science products and high-end optical components for over 60 years.

Projectina’s offerings cover three broad product categories to complement Forensic Technology’s core

competencies in ballistics: microscopes, document examination and forensic crime scene products.

Forensic Technology and Projectina currently partner with hundreds of public safety agencies in nearly 70 countries, providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Forensic Technology is customer-driven, with a worldwide, 24/7 customer support network and dedicated training facilities. Together, Forensic Technology and Projectina offer a vast range of products, tools and services tailored to meet your

forensic needs.

Product categories

  • Comparison and digital microscopes
  • Documents examination systems
  • Crime scene investigation


UCM with LED ring light and bullet holder_perspective view

Comparison and digital microscopes

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Projektina PAGScan Document Reader

Documents examination systems

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Projektina SL450

Crime scene investigation

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