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Forensic Technology pioneered automated ballistic identification and analysis over 20 years ago and continues to be a leader in forensic ballistic and firearm identification technologies.

In 2011, Forensic Technology acquired Projectina AG, a world leader in the development and manufacture of forensic science products and high-end optical components for over 60 years. Projectina’s offerings cover three broad product categories to complement Forensic Technology’s core
competencies in ballistics: microscopes, document examination and forensic crime scene products.

Forensic Technology and Projectina currently partner with hundreds of public safety agencies in nearly 70 countries, providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Forensic Technology is customer-driven, with a worldwide, 24/7 customer support network and dedicated training facilities. Together, Forensic Technology and Projectina offer a vast range of products, tools and services tailored to meet your
forensic needs.


UCM: Universal Comparison Microscope

The UCM comparison microscope impresses by its ease of operation, compact and solid design, ergonomic and user-friendly position of controls and an excellent range of accessories. The UCM’s design is extremely well-suited for examiners spending hours upon hours investigating evidence.

For comparative investigations of traces on fired ammunition, toolmarks, documents, etc., the UCM provides an astonishing 215mm free working space as well as the ability to see, inspect and correct images directly on the monitor and print them immediately.


  • Impressive 100 – 215mm free working distance
  • LED illumination set (ring and spot)
  • Optional addition of a discussion tube for training and verification
  • Remote Control via PIA-7000 Software
  • Motorized magnification changer, objective changer and motorized optical operating modes
  • Motorized Z drive for height adjustment of 80 mm
  • Travel of coarse/fine drive for individual height adjustment: 50 mm
  • Mechanical height adjustment of left and right object holder: 60 mm
  • Optical unit for superimposed and split-image comparison,
  • Adjustable functions: full image left; full image right; split-image vertical with laterally adjustable dividing line; super-imposed image comparison
  • Optical module for simultaneous binocular and video/photo observation
  • Inclined binocular tube including eyepieces 10x/22 for spectacle wearers
  • Distance between optical axis 460 mm
  • Magnification range 1.5x – 135x
  • Field of view 150 mm – 1.67 mm, min. working distance 100 mm
  • UV fluorescent ring light (optional)
  • A wide range of high-resolution camera systems to document, analyze and archive comparison results is available

COMAC: Comparison Microscope


The high-quality optics and mechanical craftsmanship makes the COMAC the new standard in the com-
parative investigation of evidence, such as toolmarks, cartridge cases and bullets, documents, banknotes
and coins and illegally produced pills.

The COMAC’s modular concept permits the easy adaptation of special object holders, illumination
systems and documentation units.


  • Comparison bridge with height adjustment
  • Fine drive for height adjustment of the X/Y stages, travel 50 mm
  • LED illumination set including 2 flexible light guides
  • Mechanical object adjustment, travel 60 mm
  • Controls for operation of coarse/fine adjustment on both sides
  • Controls to adjust overlap images and split image comparison
  • Full field-of-view for right or left image
  • Objective changer for macro optics
  • Built-in macro objectives, working distance 130 mm
  • Up-right image, parafocality
  • Zoom objective for magnification area 2.5x – 72x with fixed working distance
  • Field of view 85 mm – 2.2 mm
  • LED ring light (optional)
  • A wide range of high-resolution camera systems to document, analyze and archive comparison results is available

PAG 800


The PAG 800 offers crisp, high-resolution, high contrast stereo images. With a 6.3:1 zoom ratio and a 115 mm working distance, the PAG 800 is the ideal choice for research workers that need sharper and stronger images.


  • Multiple lighting options
  • Standard magnification: 8x to 50x; total magnification is 4x – 200x
  • Multiple stand options
  • High resolution digital cameras
  • Professional image enhancement and capturing software

DMM 2000


The Micro Macro digital microscope DMM-2000 is the ideal instrument for forensic science examinations such as fibres, ballistics (angle determination of land and grove), or for use in quality assurance and process monitoring and other fields including: textiles, paper, plastics, metallurgy, etc.


  • Magnification range from 5x – 2400x
  • Built-in high resolution digital or video camera
  • Professional image enhancement and measuring software
  • Special accessories for angle determination of lands and grooves
  • Binocular view (optional)

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