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About Sirchie

Sirchie is the Global Leader in Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science Solutions.
Sirchie manufactures high quality forensic science and crime scene investigation products and customized special purpose vehicles and provides hands-on training for the law enforcement community around the globe.
Since 1927 and in more that 120 countries, law enforcement and investigation professionals use Sirchie products daily to help investigate criminal activity and find justice. Sirchie adheres to strict manufacturing standards and has the depth and breadth of product lines to meet the challenges law enforcement faces today.
What sets Sirchie apart is our people and their commitment to providing world class customer service with every experience.

Sirchie Products

  1. Latent Print Development
  2. Fingerprints recording
  3. Alternate Light Sources
  4. Forensic cabinets
  5. Evidence collection
  6. Impression evidence
  7. Optical Enhancement products
  8. Scales and photography
  9. Forensic analisys
  10. Bloodstain
  11. Biologival evidences
  12. Theft and Fraud detection


Latent Print Development

Latent print development methods and processes have evolved greatly. There are now a multitude of procedures and products which employ both old and new technologies. SIRCHIE offers a complete line of products for developing, processing, lifting and preserving latent prints.

Fingerprints recording

SIRCHIE® has set the standard for high-quality fingerprint recording products for more than 50 years.

Alternate Light Sources

Alternate Light Sources are typically used in crime scene investigation to identify many forms of evidence. Physiological fluids (semen, urine, and saliva) can be identified through their natural fluorescent properties utilizing UV light.

Impression evidence

Various methods of collecting impression evidence have evolved —now properly preserved impression evidence can provide a positive match to the shoes worn by the perpetrator, the tires on the vehicle driven by the perpetrator and the tools used to break into the premises.

Forensic cabinets

Forensic cabinets are devices for laboratory usage and they are used for laboratory examination of all evidences found on the crime scene.

Evidence collection

Sirchie offers a broad range of tools for use in the identification and retrieval of physical and trace evidence including precision tools, marking devices, vacuum kits, metal detectors, and a diverse range of evidence collection kits for everything from DNA/physiological and trace physical evidence to entomology and arson evidence and investigation kits.

Optical Enhancement products

Our Optical Enhancement products offer a wide variety of magnifying and image capturing devices. From simple hand-held magnifiers to our advanced video-based optical comparators, SIRCHIE has the products law enforcement needs to accomplish evidentiary classification and comparison.

Scales and photography

Sirchie provides a broad range of scales, rulers, sketching templates and equipment, camera kits, and photography supplies to aid the investigator in crime scene documentation.

 Forensic analisys

 Sirchie provides reliable tests for gun shot and explosives residue, serial number restoration, and trace metal detection to aid the investigator in the pursuit of justice.


In order for the investigator to conduct a thorough and comprehensive bloodstain evidence investigation, it is crucial for him/her to not only know how to proceed, but to have access to quality products, supplies and equipment that will ensure that their mission will be accomplished.

Biologival evidences

The most frequent forms of DNA found at the crime scene are: blood, semen, hair, saliva, skin cells, mucous, perspiration, urine, fingernails, etc. Sirchie offers a full line of products to facilitate the proper collection and preservation of physiological specimens.

Theft and Fraud detection

Sirchie offers a full line of visible and fluorescent invisible powders, pastes, dyes, crayons, ink markers to establish a link to a suspect, object or location as well as products to examine and detect fraud when examining questioned documents.