About company

For more than five decades DILETTA has been engaged in the development and production of identity products and security systems for governments and other national institutions. DILETTA offers complete systems for centralized and decentralized personalization of high security travel documents which support all safety criteria, contactless chip technology and machine readable features. DILETTA systems are based on the most modern state-of-the-art technology and include the complete range of standard and unique security features.

Featured products

Diletta 800i

DILETTA 800i sets high targets for travel document printing. Whether on standard paper or directly on passport security paper – this printer is a real expert. Its real life-like colours are clean, bright and reliable for many years. All inks has been certified and approved by an accredited German institute.

Diletta 700i

We have designed a revolutionary passport printer that opens up a totally new realm for passport office color and invisible UV color printing – the new DILETTA 700i passport printers.

With your DILETTA passport printer you can print individual full-color UV features which are only visible under ultra violet light. DILETTA offers a wide range of various special effect colors and various UV colours visible under light wave range 365 or 254 nm

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