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About Redflex Traffic Systems

Redflex Traffic Systems Pty. Ltd. is Australian company founded in 1997. The world’s first digital camera traffic enforcement system was manufactured by Redflex Traffic Systems and this manufacturer is still world’s leader in this industry. 

With business expansion on global level, Reflex opened its companies on other continents (America, Europe, Asia and Africa) that together with head office in Australia make Redflex Holdings Limited Group.

Redflex produces a wide range of solutions for traffic enforcement:

  • Fixed red-light and speed enforcement systems
  • Mobile speed enforcement systems based on latest dual radar technology
  • Average speed enforcement systems
  • BUS/transit lane enforcement systems
  • Tolling Solutions
  • Rail/level crossing violation monitoring system
  • Weigh in motion enforcement
  • Heavy vehicle noise monitoring
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Vehicle black list check and alarm

All of these systems are supported by back office software applications for centralized and easy recorded data processing, with automated creation of traffic offence notices.

Redflex utilizes a wide range of sensors for traffic offence detection, from inductive loops or piezo elements built in road, up to and the latest dual radar technology.

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