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Septier Communication founded in 2000, is a fast growing, highly profitable private company that serves customers worldwide. Septier provides innovative, reliable and effective for the intelligence agencies, law enforcement and telecom companies. These solutions include communications interception, analysis, cellular location tracking and network surveillance products.

Septier use unique platform and technology in a combination of passive and active hardware elements supported by real-time processing software. Its static probes collect intelligence non-burden the network services and it is capable of processing thousands of real-time events per second. The innovative software technology simplifies network complexity, providing the glue between network services potential and Septier applications.

Septier product portfolio can be divided into several categories:

  • Cellular Positioning: including active and passive solutions for GSM and CDMA networks as well as other highly accurate real time techniques;
  • Lawful Interception: Active Monitoring Center and analytics, IP traffic interception;
  • Telecom Anti-Fraud solutions;
  • Tactical solutions featuring location and interception;
  • Other value services integrated and based for detection and positioning.

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Septier Cellular Extractor

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