About us

MRG Export-Import Banja Luka was founded in 1999.

Our main activity is to represent foreign companies and to distribute products in high security and commercial security area. Our basic business idea was to offer products and solutions to the home market that fulfill the highest world standards in terms of quality and reliability.

During the first phase of our work we were importing and selling security paper for banknotes and ID documents. Our activity was soon extended to special optically-variable elements for banknotes and ID documents protection.

In everyday work authorized services soon faced a problem how to doubtlessly determine if the banknotes, travel documents and ID documents were original or forged as to check the identity of their respective bearers. MRG Company has swiftly responded to this market need through cooperation with the leaders in the requested domains, the Swiss company Projectina and the Russian company Papillon.


MRG has grown out of its clients’ needs and by taking into consideration their working conditions, and employing modern technologies that emerged in recent years.

Today MRG’s portfolio contains a wide range of products from forensics, traffic safety and general safety.


To be a regional lider in the domain of high security which merges worldwide brands and domestic institutions, introduces new markets to its partners with a single goal to make everyday life safer.


Mission of MRG is to support our domestic client’s requests through introduction and implementation of advanced technologies in the domain of high security and to convey the acquired experience from the region to new markets.

Continual education of MRG’s employees with the support of an experienced management guarantees efficient and innovative solutions.


Our basic values are punctuality, efficiency, reliability and confidentiality. As a part of the large world’s security network, we do not allow ourselves a luxury of making mistakes and giving excuses. As the only domestic company in this area of business, we do not allow our buyers and customers to be left without our help and support in any given moment. In our business as well as in life, we do not wait for problems and hardships to hit us. We anticipate them, meet and solve them.

Due to the sensitive nature of high security business, many things we do are neither possible nor advisable to be announced to the general public. Therefore, you will not read about our successes in newspapers nor you will find our advertisements on billboards. Our personal efforts and accomplished successes are best reflected through our customers. We contribute to their better and more efficient work in achieving higher level of security, in counterfight, in protection of people and their properties and in solving the hardest crimes.

Customer education

Without highly educated personnel advanced technology has no adequate application.

Our goal is to efficiently exchange the gathered experience from our partners through symposiums and seminars where worldwide experts share their knowledge and experience in domain of high security and forensics.

For all of the above stated, and much more, MRG is at your disposal.