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Limestone Technologies was incorporated in 1999 as a software and instrumentation solutions provider and our focus has been the development of products utilized specifically for data acquisition of human physiology. In 2003, Limestone unveiled their credibility assessment software and instrumentation known internationally as Polygraph Professional Suite™. Following ten year anniversary, Limestone is expanding our product lines in both the credibility assessment and sex offender management fields, as well as offering custom data acquisition solutions

Limestone Technologies Inc. is a trusted and reliable provider of specialized medical and psychophysiological products, services and solutions. Primary focus is security and public safety. Open minded communications with our clients has produced a mutually beneficial synergy and earned customer loyalty. Limestone Technologies will always be acknowledged as the company that listens to their clients, anticipates their needs, and proactively ensures ongoing value.

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Polygraph Professional Suite™

Paragon Acquisition System

The Paragon Acquisition System is enclosed in a Limestone Technologies branded and ruggedized, fiberglass and polycarbonate composite custom case. This makes the Paragon “Pelican©” tough and allows it to perform in the most challenging situations. The attention to detail continues with nine high resolution, 24 bit, input channels equipped with premium nickel plated, medically approved, Lemo© connectors. These benchmark connectors include Lemo’s patented push-pull latching system to ensure a fail-safe connection every time. For robust high speed USB communication Paragon delivers the latest industrial strength USB High-Retention technology. This connector requires a minimum of 5 lbs of force to disconnect from the instrument. Examiners can rest assured that the Paragon is fully compliant “Plug and Play” technology.


The DataPac_USB started it all and was the first digital polygraph instrument designed to a medical grade standard. This high resolution eight channel instrument is enclosed in a composite material for durability. The pneumatic inputs utilize medical grade nylon Luer connectors for a durable air-tight seal. Premium electronic input connectors that are FDA approved to ensure quality data and additional operator/examinee safety. The high speed USB connection is fully compliant “Plug and Play” technology so it is ready to work with all of the latest Microsoft HID drivers. Our DataPac_USB can be found on the FDA list of approved medical devices and exceeds the ASTM standards for polygraph instrumentation.


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