Forensic science is a process of learning the methods and techniques involved in the preservation, examination, handling, and comparative analysis of items of evidence collected in criminal investigations. Today this discipline is familiar to a wide public due to popular American TV series CSI which has been on TV for almost a decade. 

Forensic science is divided into one of three areas: Biology, Chemistry or Pattern Evidence.  Pattern evidence covers one of the following disciplines: Documents, Firearms/Tool marks and Latent prints.  Forensic equipment is used to assist in gathering of evidence related to above forensic science areas to enable law enforcement agencies to resolve crimes.

Together with our partners we are offering an extensive range of tools that help law enforcement to solve crimes and make the world a safer place. 

Our Partners in the field of forensic equipment

PAPILLON ZAO is a foremost Russian IT company and manufacturer, involved in full-scale development and implementation of high-tech solutions and services to facilitate the work of law-enforcement agencies, businesses and government.


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Recently acquired by Forensic Technology, Projectina is a leader in the development and manufacture of forensic science products. Projectina specializes in the design, production and support of document examination systems. Built for every stage of examination and verification, learn which system suits your needs best.


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Sirchie is the Global Leader in Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science Solutions.

Sirchie manufactures high quality forensic science and crime scene investigation products and customized special purpose vehicles and provides hands-on training for the law enforcement community around the globe.

Since 1927 and in more that 120 countries, law enforcement and investigation professionals use Sirchie products daily to help investigate criminal activity and find justice.


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ZETOS is a Swiss partner company distributing special police forensic equipment by Belarus Company Regula and other worldwide leader companies in domain of forensics.